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Oh the Thinks You Can Think: Pyle Performs Seussical

Pyle performs Seussical

Seussical Junior, a fun and lively musical performed by students at Thomas W. Pyle Middle School, brought many stories to life. Lynn Ahrens and Stephan Flaherty wrote the original book Seussical, Jr., basing the plot of the musical off of the short stories written by Dr. Seuss. Pyle held three performances on December 4, 5 and 6. All seats were filled with parents and many students who came to support their peers. Directed by Lisa Pantano and Maggie Ware, the production was a mix of fantasy and wonder while expressing the importance of imagination. All that came to life with sets that enhanced the performance and actors that captured the characters perfectly. Despite minor technical difficulties, the musical was a great sensation.

The set made by the crew was vibrant and added to the entire atmosphere of the performance, bringing the whole musical to life through simple yet imaginative backdrops and props. These included backdrops of the town of Whoville along with the familiar truffula trees. It felt like stepping right into the world of Dr. Seuss, strengthening the tone of the musical.

Including the familiar tales from Dr. Seuss’ short stories also added to the captivating plot line. All these stories came alive through the actors, who did an outstanding job. The Cat, played by Kevin Hatcher, brought a comedic side to the musical, making the entire audience laugh. The charisma of Mayzie, played by eighth grader Hannah Weilminster, brought a unique dynamic to the stage. Her outgoing personality and strong stage presence made for a fascinating character. Jojo, played by Lucas Polack, brought out the theme of the entire musical. He brought imagination and creativity to life through wonderfully performed musical numbers, stunning the audience not just with his voice, but the passion he had for the play. Every cast member brought certain aspects to the stage, which made the musical comical and enjoyable.

The dedication of the cast and crew showed during the performance, illuminating the idea of imagination and wonder. The Seussical Junior production performed at Thomas W. Pyle Middle School was indeed a great success.

Article by Sophia Knappertz, MoCo Student staff writer

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