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In 2012, Student Member of the Board of Education John Mannes created a countywide press network to help build a conduit to share fresh and relevant information written by youths to the wider Montgomery County student body. As a part of the Student Member of the Board’s Student Advisory Council (SAC), John helped supervise the MoCo Student along with SAC Press Secretary Jessica Li, a student at Richard Montgomery High School. When John graduated from Northwest High School and his term as Student Member of the Board came to a close in June 2013, the MoCo Student separated from the Student Advisory Council and began to expand as a countywide student newspaper not affiliated with the Student Member of the Board, with both Jessica Li and Richard Yarrow leading it as Editors-in-Chief. Today, the MoCo Student has over 60 writers, artists, filmmakers, and editors from high schools across Montgomery County.

Current Staff

The MoCo Student has a strong and diverse staff of over 60 students from over 20 MCPS high schools. If you or someone you know are interested in getting involved in the MoCo Student, fill out our application at!

Editors (click here for section editors’ biographies)

  • Isabelle Zhou, Editor-in-Chief
  • Irene Park, Editor-in-Chief
  • Shane Querubin, Arts and Culture
  • Justin Zhang, Community
  • Robyn Fohouo, MCPS and School News
  • Kevin Hu, International
  • Camille Devincenti, Opinions
  • Angela Sun, Politics
  • Ciara Smith, Graphics
  • Sara Reilly, Videos
  • Kyra Banks, Photography


  • Alex Rankine
  • Ava Zakikhani
  • Faith Cheung
  • Bilal Choudry
  • Anna Chen
  • Hannah Lee
  • Emily Tian
  • Michelle Li
  • Megan Rawlings 
  • Laura Yao
  • Ashley Ye
  • Rebecca Huang
  • Elizabeth Sharp
  • Onyekachukwu Arah
  • Alice Zhu
  • Matthew Minton
  • Sreelekha Chillanki

Graphic Artists

  • Maissa Kobele Kita
  • Amanda Fischer
  • Ryan Cleaver
  • Yared Kokeb
  • Lanchi Nguyen
  • Sara Baig
  • Georgina Gonzalez-Kabwasa
  • Alexa Paat
  • Katie Zhang
  • Sarah Mesri
  • Jaclyn Gordy
  • Alexa Yang
  • Moses David
  • Maissa Kobele Keita
  • Amanda Fischer
  • Ryan Cleaver
  • Yared Kokeb


  • Vera Andreeva
  • Brianna Richardson
  • Akram Hossain
  • Natalia Vozenilek
  • Liam Henderson
  • Jeehye Lee
  • Anna Kolego-Sotomay
  • Chiamaka Emecheta
  • Kynan Jenkins
  • Richelle Joy Brian
  • Wisam Fadlelmola


  • Sumayyah Cravens
  • Mary Shawhan
  • Danesh Mesri
  • Amyr Hall
  • Ezra Fornillos
  • Raven Curry
  • Valerie Wang
Co-founder John Mannes discussed journalism and the MoCo Student's work at a Wood Middle School career day.

Co-founder John Mannes discussed journalism and the MoCo Student’s work at a Wood Middle School career day.