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Weathering the Weather: The March Lion Snowstorm


You know the old saying? “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb?” At least the first part has come to fruition today as warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico rides over a wedge of cold arctic air. Total accumulations will vary from as little as 5 inches in northern Montgomery County to as many as 10 inches in southern Montgomery County. Temperatures fall into the teens today, and tonight lows dive down into the single digits. Conditions will be very hazardous on roads, and due to some earlier sleet and freezing rain there is likely to be ice under the snow. Walk with caution. A slight shift north would give us all much more snow, as would a slight shift south.

Track the storm here:

There is the potential for more precipitation Thursday-Friday, but right now it looks like rain. I know this will anger many spring lovers, but winter isn’t ending soon. Much colder than normal temperatures will persist through the end of March, if not into April. Snow chances will be above average through this time, although obviously it is going to be harder and harder to get more snow as the days pass.

Article by Josh Karpatkin, MoCo Student staff meteorologist

About Josh Karpatkin

Josh is a junior at Walter Johnson. He participates vaguely in Science Olympiad, and is a frequent comer at the WJ political forum club. He has been interested in weather since the record breaking blizzards of 2010, and also enjoys rock climbing, board games, and flying RC planes.

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