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Westland Performs “The Comic Book Artist”

Westland Comic Book Artist 2

The theater team of Westland Middle School in Bethesda has come together once again for another production of The Comic Book Artist, directed by Sherion Cosby. This play follows Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz, a wanna-be comic book artist. Stanley is played by 8th grader Jeremy Sheck.

In the play, Stanley works as a janitor for Wonder Comics, which is run by the bossy CEO D.C. Wunderman, played by 8th grader Jack Kalait. When comic sales begin to drop, Wunderman desperately orders special pens from Peloponnesia that guarantee that whatever is drawn with them will come to life. However, one of Wunderman’s artists mistakenly uses a Peloponnesian pen to create Dr. Shock Clock, a villain played by 8th grader James Cobau. In response, Stanley uses one of the pens to draw four superheroes, known as the Fabulous Four. The superheroes are Star Guy, played by 8th grader Vikram Akwei; Blossom, double casted with 8th grader Maddy Heyman and 7th grader Kaylin Condon; Triple Time, double casted with Isabel Birney and Hannah Hikzer; and Wombat Woman, played by 7th grader Malaika Bhayana.

While the evil Dr. Clock wreaks havoc on New York’s Time Square, Stanley devises a plan for the Fabulous Four to put an end to the Doctor’s evil deeds. Nevertheless, Dr. Clock arrives in Time Square, freezes time, and kidnaps Triple Time, Blossom, and Star Guy, leaving Wombat Woman, Voila, Mr. Wunderman’s assistant, and Stanley in a pit of failure. Stanley, with the help of the narrator, becomes his own superhero, Eraser Man.  Eraser Man battles the evil Doctor in Wonder Comics, and defeats him with a few swipes of his powerful, magic eraser.

Vikram Akwei noted that “The Comic Book Artist is a really fun play for the whole family.  This production is full of great costumes, actors, and superheroes. Especially, ahem, you know who…” Cathy Bayas, who narrated one performance says that “it’s such a great opportunity to make new friends.  I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to see something new.” The production in the play was excellent, from the cues, lighting, and sound effects to the props and backdrops giving the audience scenery of Times Square.

Once again, Westland’s drama production not only brings laughter and satisfaction to its audiences, but also showcased the hard work and performing art talent of the young actors and actresses.

Article by Corrina Davis, MoCo Student staff writer

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