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Trump’s inauguration sparks Women’s March protest

16830130_650777198458503_2059494755_nAfter many months of debating, protesting, and fighting, inauguration day has finally arrived. On January 20, 2017, president-elect Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America.

During his inauguration speech, Trump thanked former President Obama but also criticized the current government. He argued that the American people were struggling while the elites were prospering. He told the American people that he would work for them and make America great again.

Trump also promised to listen to every American and make their voices heard. Trump said “So to all Americans in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, from ocean to ocean, hear these words: You will never be ignored again.”

Some people do not know what to expect from Trump. “Trump is a wildcard. We will see what he does in the next four years,” said Richard Montgomery sophomore Alex Sherwin.

However, many Americans still strongly disagree with Trump’s policies, and liberal Montgomery County is generally a hotspot of his opponents. “I still am astounded that Trump won the election. It makes me sad that so many Americans supported a candidate who is so narcissistic, sexist, racist, islamophobic, and psychologically unstable,” said junior Charlotte Hirsch.

There also has been some controversy with how many people attended Trump’s inauguration. The White House Secretary Sean Spicer claimed that Trump’s inauguration was the largest inauguration ever. However, after two days, he changed his statement and promised to never intentionally tell a lie to the media.

The day after Trump’s inauguration, the Women’s March on Washington took place, simultaneously rallying across the entire world, from Los Angeles to England to Kuwait, in mutual protest against Donald Trump. An estimated 500,000 people participated in the Women’s March in D.C., roughly three times the number of people that attended the Inauguration.

During the Women’s March, many actresses and singers gave speeches advocating for a variety of causes, such as women’s rights and gender equality. Some of the speakers included Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, and Ashley Judd.

During the Women’s March in Utah, comedian Chelsea Handler said, “If you’re feeling helpless or feeling dejected, take a look around. You’re not alone. Don’t lose hope. Get your hope. I’ll give you hope.”

There also has been some dispute with Madonna’s speech during the march. She told the crowd: “Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” However, after receiving criticism for her speech, Madonna stated how her words were taken out of context and that she was not a violent person.

Hirsch also stated, “I believe that Trump has the responsibility to address the issues of all citizens, including his protestors. The only way to heal our fractured nation is to continue striving for justice and equality.”

Although there has been controversy and conflict between Trump supporters and Trump protesters, the two rallies are both examples of Americans fighting for what they believe in.

Article by MoCo Student staff writer Justin Zhang of Richard Montgomery High School

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In 2012, Student Member of the Board of Education John Mannes created a countywide press network to help build a conduit to share fresh and relevant information written by youth to the wider Montgomery County student body.

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