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The Stress and Pleasure of AP Exams

In May, many students enter one the most important times of the whole of their school year — the AP testing period. AP classes are, on average, much harder than regular or honors courses. Therefore, students are under much pressure and stress to get the happiness of success.

In the last few days leading up to the exams, students are swept in memorialization, working hard to remember all the material they have learned since September. Many students at Quince Orchard High School said that they are using practice books and textbooks to help conquer the memorization struggle. Social studies courses such as AP US History and AP US Government and Politics especially require students to memorize a vast amount of information.

However, not all AP courses are built the same. Some courses, such as AP Computer Science or AP Physics B, require students to use formulas and apply what they have learned to solve problems. But overall, of all the AP courses, many students felt that AP Language and Composition would be the easiest exam-which will be tested on Wednesday, May 13th-because it requires students to apply their own writing and reading skills.

Many students may be sitting in the test rooms now facing the tests that will determine how well they have learned material over the past school year. Before the exam, it is essential that students prepare themselves to be able to answer any type of question that may come their way. While asking questions in front of the class may seem daunting, it is one of the best ways to understand material that may be challenging. There’s no shame in asking for help (except during the actual test of course)! Secondly, it is crucial to persevere to practice and review. AP AB Calculus teacher, Jeffrey Jernigan of Quince Orchard High School said, “Math is perseverance and practice.” Finally, it’s important to rest before the test day to release all stress and pressure and get a good night’s sleep.

AP tests are hard. Stress will be there in the back of students’ minds, but happiness is also there behind the stress. Whether it’s the happiness of saving time and money in college or the happiness of having no final exams, a month of free time, and only a final project to do after taking the test, AP courses, in the end, can be worth the work and stress.

Article by the MoCo Student staff columnist Tiffany Pei of Quince Orchard High School

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