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A Summer of Arts

Do you enjoy music and the arts? If so, take the initiative this summer to participate or intern at the numerous programs available!

Come join the prestigious Interlochen Arts Camp that is located in northwest Michigan! Young artists from all over the globe are stimulated to learn, create, and perform alongside internationally recognized instructors and artists. Arts areas covered include music, dance, creative writing, media, and much more!

Play an instrument? Immerse yourself in classical music at the National Philharmonic Summer String Institutes, where musicians challenge ambitious repertoire and develop and enjoy an atmosphere of true professionalism and camaraderie. The institute as a whole includes a High School String Institute and a Middle School String Institute.

Like the stage? The Wolf Trap Internship Program would be the perfect place to pursue your passion even further. Gain hands-on experience by becoming a member of the staff and integrating yourself in the professional production, administration, and promotion of the performing arts.

Enjoy yourself at museums? Take the chance and become an intern at the Smithsonian! The Smithsonian internship programs encompass a broad spectrum of fields, from art to culture.

More interested in art management? Numerous opportunities await you! Intern at the Washington Performing Arts Society! Requirements include highly motivated individuals with an interest in the performing arts. Moreover, Imagination Stage is currently offering part time opportunities and internships that depend on the intern’s organization skills and enthusiasm In addition, spread your love of music and the arts through volunteer opportunities at Strathmore through the Levine School of Music! From acting as the front desk receptionist to helping with special events, give the public a taste of the beauty of the arts!

In the end, if you enjoy music and the arts, use this summer to learn and develop your passions even further through the unlimited number of opportunities that are around you!

Article by Jana Lu, the MoCo Student Arts and Culture Editor

Painting by Rod Tryon, image from The Business of Street Painting Art

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