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A Handful of Summer Time

A Handful of Summer Time

Summer is here before I knew it. And the reality is I wasn’t ready. Despite the tedious, dry days of early wake-ups, gruesome lectures, and endless homework I can’t ever finish at home, I was overwhelmed by a sense of “displacement” when the final bell rung on June 14th. Yes, there were dreams unfulfilled, promises broken and struggles unpleasant, but something greater sagged down upon my shoulders, barring me from sharing the air of excitement afloat the vacating campus. Perhaps I will never come to understand the sentiment—a mix of nostalgia and purging of troublesome memories—perhaps it’s merely a natural response to farewells.

But, regardless of how the school year turned out, nine-weeks of summer can be the time of change. With so many (though not infinite) hours on our hands, here are some—though not–all “fun” things you that may entertain you during this hot, dry season:

  1. Catch up on some sleep: needless to say, sleep deprivation and walking zombies have plagued every hallway of every school. Though sleep doesn’t work like a bank, making yourself feel a tad better is always pleasant.
  2. Re-build/bridge some friendships: admit it, when you’ve got seven tests in a six-hour school day, you might forget someone’s birthday. Though that’s not to say negligence is acceptable, rebuilding friendships can be just the right plan under the summer sun. Friends are the best gifts of life.
  3. Anxiously wait your AP scores: AP scores will be available on the Collegeboard website starting 5 a.m. EDT on Monday, July 8th. To get your scores, you will need a College Board account sign up—virtually the same as your SAT account—and your AP number or student ID number. For students in Maryland, scores can be accessed the morning of July 5th. Cross your fingers until then!
  4. SAT preparation: no need for superfluous advertising or hit the panic-button here, if SAT preparation is something of importance to you, go borrow some books from the library and start doing practice tests. Look into prep courses only when you have a solid understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Writing & Art: for rising seniors, the word ‘writing’ might instinctively bring up the idea of college applications. Yet, that’s really not what writing is all about! Oftentimes in life there are those tiny bits and pieces of magical moments that ought to be captured, either with writing or art. As unusual as it sounds, try to have fun with the writing/art pieces you are working on, whether it’s for leisure or competition.
  6. Summer camps: summer is a time for you to be creative with yourself! Explore your talents and passions with specialized camps/programs around the country!
  7. Internships/community service: though most federal-agency based internship application processes have already been completed, it never hurts to email private companies or educational institutes to see if opportunities are available. You might just stumble across the right job. For those with a passion for service, summer is the primetime to work with those in need of support and make their lives a little better.
  8. Get some exercise! I’ll end on this note: nothing is more important than maintaining a good health. Despite the dryness and heat, a little swim or jog at the twilight’s last gleaming can be especially enjoyable and health for you!

So why wait? Let’s make this summer unforgettable!

by Jessica Li, SAC press secretary 

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