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About Our Editors

The MoCo Student is currently recruiting students to serve for the 2017-18 school-year! If you or someone you know are interested, please get involved by filling out an application at Feel free to contact us at

Arts and Culture: Shane Querubin

Community: Justin Zhang

Justin Zhang is currently a junior at Richard Montgomery High School. He has written for the MoCo Student in the past and is an editor for the sports section in his school newspaper, The Tide. Aside from writing for newspapers, he also enjoys tutoring children in his free time and reading a good book.

International: Kevin Hu

Kevin Hu is a senior at Richard Montgomery High School. He was the editor for the Opinions section for MoCo Student last year and is also an editor for the sports section of his school newspaper, The Tide. In his free time, Kevin likes reading books and studying very diligently. His favorite book is his HL Chem textbook, which he enjoys reading out loud much to the annoyance of his brother. Aside from academics, Kevin swims (or attempts to) on a daily basis and aspires to become an amateur bodybuilder.

MCPS: Robyn Fohouo

Robyn Fohouo is a Junior at Richard Montgomery. Aside from journalism, she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and watching TV shows on Netflix. Robyn is excited to be a member of the MoCo Student and loves collaborating with her writers!

Opinions: Camille Devincenti

Camille Devincenti is currently a senior at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School. She has been involved in Journalism for the past four years at B-CC and is now the Editor-in-Chief of The Tattler. Her articles are published in a variety of publications, including MoCo Student, DC Student, The Tattler and her personal blog. Besides writing, Camille loves fashion and art and would like to pursue a journalism career in the future.

Politics: Angela Sun

Angela Sun is currently a junior at Richard Montgomery High School. She lowkey loves editing more than writing and is also an editor for RM’s school newspaper, The Tide. In her nonexistent free time, she enjoys sipping tea, skimming through biology textbooks and composing emails to her lovely writers. She invites you wholeheartedly to contact her with the latest scoop in Politics :)

Graphics: Maissa Kobele Keita

Photo: Kyra Banks and Madeline McLinden

Film: Sara Reilly

Sara Reilly is a senior at Richard Montgomery High School who has been a part of The MoCo Student for three years as both an arts writer and filmmaker. She is very active in her school’s drama program, The Black Maskers, and is also a photo editor for RM’s literary magazine, “Fine Lines”. She is very excited to be this years film editor for The MoCo Student!