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Loiederman Middle School Para-educator Charged with Sexually Abusing a Student

Robert Otis Wilson III, a teacher’s aide at A Mario Loiederman Middle School was charged on Friday after a hearing with sexually abusing a student, according to the Montgomery County Police.

The county police explained that Wilson repeated kissed and touched the student on a daily basis over several months in a location on school grounds out of the sight of surveillance cameras. Accounts also allege that Wilson has visited the student’s apartment and engaged in inappropriate conduct with her there. Wilson was arrested Thursday morning; he has no other criminal convictions on record.

A bond of $25,000 has been issued by the court. Wilson faces one account of sex abuse of a minor and three accounts of third-degree sex offense.

MCPS Spokesperson Dana Tofig did not immediately respond to request for comment. In an official statement, Tofig stated that the school system is “very concerned and disturbed about the allegations against Mr. Wilson and that some of the alleged conduct that led to his arrest may have occurred on school property.” Wilson has been on administrative leave since this past March.

“It’s disappointing for me, it made me angry and frightened because I want every one of my students to be safe. The police had been in contact with the parents of the students involved, and you are welcome to report to your counselors and security officers with any concerns” Dr. Mugge, principal of Wheaton High School, stated in an address to her students. According to Mugge, Wilson graduated from Wheaton High School in 2009. Wilson will not be resuming his role as an athletic coach for the high school this year.

Mugge was informed about Wilson’s arrest Thursday evening. She notified parents of Wheaton students the next day and encouraged members of the Wheaton community to seek counseling resources. So far, there is no indication that the incident involved other students.

According to Loiederman PTSA president Sara Duke, to inform her community, Loiederman principal Sosik issued a robocall to parents and created a video presentation in which she read the contents of a letter she sent home with students Friday afternoon. Sosik also sent an advisory about the appropriate way to talk with children about the incident.

“The Loiederman PTSA is supportive of Ms. Sosik’s efforts to keep the school as safe as possible for all students and to keep parents informed when there has been alleged inappropriate contact,” said Duke.

Some Students expressed disbelief and distaste upon learning about Wilson’s arrest.

“That’s horrible,” said former Wheaton student Elona M. India T., another Wheaton student, was shocked by the news, recalling that “[Wilson] was very nice.”

“He’s 25. That’s disgusting,” said a Loiederman student.

Yet, to others, the news did not strike as surprising.

“Some of my friends told me that the coach had given them special privileges, and I can only assume what they meant,” said an anonymous Wheaton student, adding that “[he] is not surprised.”

This marks the third case of sexual misconduct by MCPS staff in the past school year.

Article by the MoCo Student Staff Writer Harris Baylin of Wheaton High School

About The MoCo Student

In 2012, Student Member of the Board of Education John Mannes created a countywide press network to help build a conduit to share fresh and relevant information written by youth to the wider Montgomery County student body.

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One Response to Loiederman Middle School Para-educator Charged with Sexually Abusing a Student

  1. The Truth Reply

    May 15, 2015 at 8:11 am

    I don’t think this should have come to a surprise to anyone since he was charged with rape as a minor.While those things are not public record I think the system needs to do better when it comes to hiring employees within the school system. His father “same name” also seen on TV as Wilson had a court hearing putting up his middle finger to the media, Is also a registered sex offender.. Clearly what Robert Wilson did is a learned behavior and something that was acceptable within his family.

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