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Agarwal, Guerci Voted Finalists for 38th Student Member of the Board

SMOB candidates Eric Rachit

Rachit Agarwal, a junior at Richard Montgomery High School and Eric Guerci, a sophomore at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, were voted as the two finalists for the 38th Student Member of the Board of Education earlier today.

Around 200 delegates from middle and high schools across MCPS convened at Watkins Mill High School to elect the nominees out of a pool of six candidates. Each of the candidates gave opening remarks and answered questions raised by the Special Elections Committee and student delegates. The two hour convention concluded with the announcement of results by Charlie Kang, the acting chair and Montgomery County Regional SGA treasurer.

“I’m honored and excited not just to be a finalist, but to have this amazing opportunity to meet even more students from around the county. I’ve already learned so much and I’m truly excited to be able to learn more from as many students as I can,” said Agarwal, one of the finalists.

“I am honored and humbled to be one of the final two candidates. But I really couldn’t have done this without the support of my team, and everyone who came today. I look forward to continuing the conversation that I started today throughout our county as I visit schools and reach out to the 80,000 voter population,” noted Eric Guerci, another finalist.

In a statement from MCR President Richard Yarrow, he encouraged all candidates to continue their work in student advocacy regardless of the election’s outcomes. “No matter what happens in this year’s SMOB race, I hope that all of you will remain active with your schools and school system. The best candidate does not always win, but always stays involved in some way or another,” he wrote.

This nominating convention was truncated in time since the originally scheduled election as well as its snow make-up date were canceled due to inclement weather.

Images of candidates from Montgomery County Public Schools.

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