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All State Honors Orchestra Welcomes New Musicians


After a series of trials, a select group of people were chosen to participate as musicians in the prestigious Maryland’s All State Honors Orchestra.

Richard Montgomery junior Eileen Moudou was one of the few selected. A violinist, Moudou prepared a lot for this opportunity and was ecstatic when she heard of her acceptance. “I was really excited when I heard that I got in—especially since I found out that I was one of the top 6!” exclaims Moudou. “It’s a lot of work to prepare the music in time but the repertoire is great and really engaging, so I don’t mind.”

Other than a great chance to prove your skills nationwide, musicians can meet a variety of people when joining the All State Honors Orchestra. Moudou adds, “it’s a lot of fun just being in the ensemble with players from around the state.”

Especially because this music group spans across Maryland, it is a fast way to make new friends and expand members’ horizons. A similar group for younger people is Junior All-State Orchestra, which is directed towards students in middle school.

“I did Junior All-State Orchestra in 7th and 8th grade, and that was an amazing experience as well,” says Moudou. “I didn’t know anyone in advance, so I didn’t choose my roommate, and rooming with a stranger can be pretty interesting.”

In addition to these fun aspects, All State Honors Orchestra also gives musicians a better sense of what a pre-professional band and orchestra are like. Rather than just strings or winds, this group encompasses all instruments, as a full orchestra does. Since it’s just the beginning, Moudou hopes to get a sense of what it is like to play with other talented musicians she has never played with before.

If Moudou had to say one thing about her violin, she says, “I love violin is because it’s so versatile and expressive. It can be played on its own, in a small ensemble, or in a large orchestra. It can also sound like so many different things with just a slight shift of the hand.”

Article by MoCo Student staff writer Elizabeth Choi

Image by MoCo Student staff artist Aashna Pradhan

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