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Weathering the Weather: Snow Monday?

snow flake

A very sloppy morning is taking shape for Monday as a mix of rain and snow falls, heavily at times, tonight through tomorrow morning. Accumulations should be around 1-3 inches in southern Montgomery County, 2-4 in central Montgomery County, and 3-6 in northern Montgomery County. Uncertainty is very high with this storm as opposed to the last storm. Temperatures will be in the 32-35 range, which can lead to accumulating snow if it falls heavily enough. Because of the marginal temperatures, boom/bust potential is very high. If temperatures drop a couple of degrees below that range, then accumulations of 4-8 inches or higher are possible. However, if temperatures are a couple of degrees warmer then most areas will get plain rain. Precipitation will start as rain between 10PM and midnight. The rain will mix with snow from northwest to southeast between 4 and 6AM. The mix will turn entirely to snow between 8 and 10AM. Snowfall will end between 2 and 4PM. The snow will be of the wet, sloppy variety rather than the dry powder we have gotten earlier this winter.

You can follow the progress of the storm here:

Article by Josh Karpatkin, MoCo Student staff meteorologist

About Josh Karpatkin

Josh is a junior at Walter Johnson. He participates vaguely in Science Olympiad, and is a frequent comer at the WJ political forum club. He has been interested in weather since the record breaking blizzards of 2010, and also enjoys rock climbing, board games, and flying RC planes.

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