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Weathering the Weather: Low-End Ice Storm Tonight

ice storm- dc severe weather

Freezing rain has overspread the area and will continue through the morning hours. About a tenth to a quarter inch of ice can be expected in southern MoCo, and over a third of an inch of ice can be expected in parts of northern MoCo. The freezing rain will turn to plain rain tomorrow from south to north. Southern MoCo will probably rise above freezing around 7AM but the north of the county may take until 9AM for temperatures to increase enough. The amount of ice expected can make travel by car and by foot hazardous, and some scattered downed branches and power outages are possible in northern areas like Damascus. Short-range models are coming in colder and wetter with each run, so there is the possibility that there will be more ice than forecasted.

In short, pretty good chance school is delayed tomorrow, and it might close depending on how bad the icing is up north.

Article by Josh Karpatkin, MoCo Student staff meteorologist

Image by DC Severe Weather from 7pm on February 4

About Josh Karpatkin

Josh is a junior at Walter Johnson. He participates vaguely in Science Olympiad, and is a frequent comer at the WJ political forum club. He has been interested in weather since the record breaking blizzards of 2010, and also enjoys rock climbing, board games, and flying RC planes.

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