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County Council race is shaping up to be a crowded one

Every four years, county voters elects nine Councilors to serve on the Montgomery County Council. Five members of the Council are elected by constituents in their council districts, while the four at-large members are elected by all county voters. This year’s race is especially competitive because there is only one vacant seat on the Council and there are several capable candidates that are eager to fill it.

A majority of the candidates have past experience in government, making them familiar with the roles of Councilors. These candidates include Herman Taylor (former District 14 state delegate), Vivian Malloy (member of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee), Ryan Spiegel (who serves on Gaithersburg Council), and Rose Krasnow (former Rockville Mayor). Other candidates include local activists Beth Daly, Terrill North, and Evan Glass.

Beth Daly is a local from Dickerson, MD who has lived in Montgomery County for 23 years. She is a Democrat and has a great deal of experience in civic activism regarding agricultural and transportation issues and in political advertising. Daly plans to confirm her candidacy this fall.

Terrill North is a dedicated independent and progressive. He serves the community through a vast number of grassroots organizations including Silver Spring Green and the Montgomery County Education Forum.

Evan Glass is so far the first official entrant in the race that will conclude on June 24, 2014. Glass is a Silver Spring activist and has launched a ‘listening tour’ to promote his candidacy. Glass’ agenda includes a plan to introduce more vigorous transportation infrastructure and a renewed effort to narrow the achievement gap in county schools. Glass has stated that he sees “a need for responsive leadership that drives progress in our communities.”

With all these new candidates and the diverse ideas and priorities they represent, the County Council’s future policymaking may change dramatically when a new Councilor is elected next year.

Article by Ngozi Nwanji, MoCo Student staff writer

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