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MCR Hosts Advance for Student Leaders

MCR Advance, an annual tradition for the MCR Executive Board to ring in the new programming year, devise goals for the future and spearhead department projects, took place on September 10 at the Upcounty Regional Services Center.

Contrary to most Executive Board meetings, MCR advance, and the ensuing executive board meeting, spanned a full four and a half hours (from 3:30-8 pm, as opposed to the usual 6-8). This event saw a coalescence of student leaders from across the county as they participated in a multitude of leadership activities.

The night included many team-building exercises, a dinner catered by Noodles & Company, a social hour where students celebrated MCR president’s seventeenth birthday, a session for editing and approval of the MCR bylaws, confirmation of liaisons to MCR from five different schools, and officer reports. Advance also included a time slot for department collaboration and then presenting, as well as two workshops: a thorough and informative budgeting workshop by treasurer Henry Peck and a meeting feedback workshop by chief-of-staff and deputy chief-of-staff. The meeting also boasted a high attendance of students not on executive board, including various SGA presidents and school liaisons to MCR.

Prior to the meeting’s adjournment, there were special reports from Justin Kim, Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB) and Karen Crawford, the MCR-SGA advisor. Kim touched upon pertinent student issues such as SMOB voting rights, middle school cell phone rights, open lunches, MCPS Muslim holidays, myMCPS (an innovation that will soon replace Edline), and the work group to combat the dwindling passage rate of MCPS students on their math finals.

Crawford’s advisor report focused primarily on upcoming leadership opportunities like MASC convention, signing up for MCPS Outlook email accounts, and the SSL hours that can be garnered from attending meetings. She also bolstered the importance of sustaining close communication with Carmen and herself throughout the year.

Overall, Advance was an enlightening experience for many and a rejuvenating way to reunite student leaders and commence the 2013-14 MCR programming year. The next executive board meeting will be held on October 2, from 6-8 p.m. at the Carver Educational Services Center in Rockville, MD. Any interested MCPS students are welcome to attend.

Article Written by Alessandra Lowry, Sophomore at Wootton High School

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