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Spring Break Is Here!


It’s 7:35 and there’s still five or more hours give and take. Five more hours that is, until school ends and spring break officially begins!

I’ve always felt that the major breaks of the school year were divided up by season: winter break, summer break, and the notorious spring break. According to a melting pot mix of urban lore, pop culture and popular conception, spring break is viewed as the “let your hair down, scream your heart out, take a trip to California” temporary escape from the stress of school, one final burst of fun before final exams and AP exams crash in.

But right now, it’s still 7:35, and I tap my foot against the linoleum floor of my first period. And I know I’m not the only one. As I walked down the halls I caught bits and pieces of conversations, “I have an 89 in that class, oh my god…”

The tension can’t be blamed, for many high schoolers in the county, today is the day where final unit tests and last minute grades are revealed. For some, it is the make or break. But with each tap, I can’t help but glance at the clock. Underlying the tension is an excitement that can’t be quenched. One full week of unregulated free time, something rare in our normally blocked lined schedules. Maybe I’ll take a dance class or two, catch up with some old friends I never have time to see on a daily basis. Maybe I’ll do something crazy, like dance behind people in grocery stores (I saw that on Ellen last night). But this could also be a time for me to change my perspective about things; feel flowers bloom and my spirits uplifted.

What will you do with your spring break? Or perhaps I should ask; what will spring break do for you?

Article by Shannon Jin, MoCo Student staff writer

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