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Bracing Ourselves for the SATs

In October, thousands of MCPS students took the highly recommended PSAT (preliminary SAT) to see how they would perform on the actual test.  For some students, it was their first time taking the practice SAT, for others, it was a measure to see if they’ve improved since their last testing, in other words, to see if they are ‘ready’. In December, students received score reports in math, writing and reading and analyzed their strengths and weaknesses. Scores ranged from 60 to the perfect 240.

On the day the scores were distributed, I sensed the whole gamut of emotions around my school: satisfaction, the swelling of pride, the disappointments, the embarrassment and unfortunately, shame. Well, here are our advice, both for the content and the not-so-content:

If your PSAT score is already high, congratulations! However, there is always space to improve, regardless of where you currently stand. The SAT test is not a measure of talent or potential, it is a measure of hard work. Yes, being naturally talented at math, reading or writing may boost your score, but most people who score high on the SAT test have practiced and sharpened their skills in advance. This year’s test may be over, however with each year the SAT test looms closer. Practice every day with MCPS free college entrance exam test prep, at As an insider’s tip, stick to the ‘blue book’ (College Board’s official guide to the SAT) as your main studying tool. Some third-party books may skew the level of difficulty for certain sections, which may either over-boost or crush your confidence. Nonetheless, more exposure never hurts!  

Practice a little every day and SAT scores will rise along your way!

To those who will be taking the SATs this Saturday, make sure to get a good night’s sleep! Make sure to bring your student ID to the designated testing site!

Upcoming test dates:

-March 9th, register by February 8th to avoid late fees

-May 4th, register by April 5th to avoid late fees

-June 1st, register by May 2nd to avoid late fees

Article by Shannon Jin, freshman at Wootton High School, SAC press correspondent

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