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Turkey + Storm = Reflection

When the fourth Thursday of November comes around, Americans from sea to sea sit down to enjoy a meal with their families. But, this is not just another family dinner; this is the day of Thanksgiving.  It is a day of Thursday night football, delicious pies, and Turkey (or in some cases, Tofurkey.) It is a day of giving our gratitude, most of all for our families and community.

So what can we can we be thankful for as students? Well, I am thankful for teachers who put in their time and effort to show up to school every day with something new to teach us, who guide us in the ways they know best to be successful in our future lives. I am thankful for parents who give rides to and from countless extracurricular activities, encourage me to get those A’s and B’s, and give the love and support that allow me to survive all the workloads from school!

There are many more members of our communities who shape us into who we are and I am thankful to be lucky enough to have them be a part of my life. Now, there is something very tangible that you can do to help the community. How? By helping the victims of a major disaster that hit last month, Hurricane Sandy.  Help by raising awareness for those who have lost their own homes and families. Help by donating unneeded clothes or food to your local charity. Help in any way you can. Our community has continuously given to us. It is time we start giving back.

As the old say goes, heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. So while we say our “thanks”, let’s actually speak it with our actions.

Article by Aman Kaur, SAC press correspondent

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