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County SGA plans for the New Year

On September 6, Executive Board members of the Montgomery County Regional Student Government Association (MCR) met for their annual Advance, followed by an Executive Board Meeting. MCR Advance is an effective teambuilding event for newly elected officers and appointed staffs. Through ice breakers, group work-sessions, and training workshops, executive board members brainstormed plans for the advent school year.

The Advance started off with ice breaker activities led by the MCR president, Jeffrey He. Staff members, along with Student Member of the Board (SMOB) John Mannes, participated in “The Human Knot” and “Assassin,” two classical games utilized for team building.
Then it was time to get serious. The MCR Executive Board participated in a review of Parliamentary Procedures facilitated by Parliamentarian Will McNamara. Afterwards, Lobbying Director Ben Feshbach presented a workshop for the DREAM Act.
After presentation of goals from each department, President Jeff He unveiled the new MCR website ( created by Sean Bae, I.T. specialist of the Public Relations Department. MCR staffs were thrilled by the new communication possibilities that the website forebodes.

For the Executive Board portion of the evening, the Board was joined by school presidents and liaisons who contributed ideas about how to increase the efficiency of General Assembly meetings. Student Member Of the Board, John Mannes presented information about the recent Student Advisory Council Meeting and the Students Coalition.

Advisor Karen Crawford ended the meeting with positive words about the new school year. She said, “Never have I seen an Executive Board that has dedicated so much time to MCR over the summer.” As the school year unfolds, MCR will dedicate even more to the students of MCPS.

Article by Christina McCann, SAC press correspondent

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