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Breakfast at Music Center, Superintendent’s First “State of Schools” Address

[October 11th, 2012] On the morning of November 12, 2012, students, parents, teachers, and education advocates across the county will gather at the Strathmore Music Center as Superintendent Dr. Joshua P. Starr delivers his State of the Schools Address titled “Building the Future Together.”

John Mannes, Student Member of the Board of Education, describes the address as “the first of its kind,” in terms of both form and magnitude. In the past, similar public occasions, oftentimes with high attendance from teachers, have taken place in the evening.

This breakfast event allows parents and social workers outside of Montgomery County Public Schools to celebrate the achievements and talents of our students. During the address, Dr. Starr will present his plans for the future of Montgomery County Public Schools. The event will also provide bridgework for different community organizations and policy committees to come together and support our school system.

Events like the State of Schools Address are effective means of fostering community involvement, one of Dr. Starr’s chief goals. By creating correspondence, Dr. Starr can develop better insights about the needs of school communities.

“It is great to see the superintendent working on his vision for the future,” says Mr. Mannes.

Dr. Starr’s priority in gaining community involvement bids a huge step forward in the education quality and future of Montgomery County Public Schools. Thanks to partnerships with Strathmore and the Glenstone Foundation, this event will be hosted in the grand foyer of the beautiful Music Center.

Everyone is invited so reserve your seats now before the event sells out!

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